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The prophet (saw) said "Whoever makes things easy for one burdened with debt, Allah will make things easy upon him in this life and in the hereafter." (Muslim)

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The Parliamentary Review
The Lewisham Islamic Centre is pleased to announce that we feature in latest edition of the Parliamentary Review 2020.

The Parliamentary Review (“the Review) is a series of independent publications which aims to share best practice amongst policy makers and business leaders. The Review has separate editions based on key policy areas such as Finance, Technology, Healthcare, etc, and has become a key fixture in the political calendar. The articles in the Review act not only as a blueprint for success, but also as a template for reform and revision for both the private and public sectors. The Lewisham Islamic Centre is recognised as an influential organisation within the public sector and was invited to appear in the Review to showcase its insights and best practices as a leading Mosque and Muslim Charity.

Our feature in the Review highlights the challenges facing the Muslim community in a highly securitised environment, the disproportionate impact of policies such as PREVENT, Islamophobia and the role of the media, and we outline how we have overcome these challenges to be considered one of the leading mosques in the UK.

The Lewisham Islamic Centre is grateful to the Review for providing us with the opportunity to appear in this eminent publication. Keeping true to our values, we have challenged policy makers known to be amongst the 500, 000 recipients of the Review which we hope will go a long way toward equitable considerations vis-a-vis the Muslim community in the UK.

Our article in the Review can be downloaded from
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